Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Me and my humans watch the tv show LOST every Wednesday. I like it because they live on a beach, and there is a dog named Vincent. He's a lab like me. There are some pretty crazy theories on the Internet that he's the root of all evil on the show too--obviously these people do not own Labs. Anyway, this past week's episode was pretty scary, but an added bonus was the dog portrait in a key scene. I wonder what signifigance that will have in the next episodes!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Baci:
I too live in Manhattan and am a Labrador retriever. My story has just been published this week in book form. It is a mystery novel and a comedy and visits many Manhattan locations that I think you will find familiar. You will also find many of the dog and human types chronicled in the book ring a bell. It is called A Dog About Town and you can learn more at www.adogabouttown.com My hope is that humans might read it and never look at us dogs the same again. Yes, I know, it is an optimistic sentiment. Thank you, Baci, for your blog.