Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Holiday Recap

It's been great couple of weeks here. My humans have been home with me so much! On Christmas we visited part of our pack up in Massachusetts--they had snow there. (Check out my fancy Christmas scarf!) Then we went to see more of our pack in New York. I got plenty of good presents and treats.

We've also spent time doing other things that I like, that my humans and I don't normally do during the daytime. Like going to the dog run....

...and household chores.

We went to visit my friend Lexi this weekend too. We played and played until we were pooped!

Yesterday was the last day of 2007. My humans took me to the park near our house in the morning, and I had a great time playing with other dogs and chasing my ball. Look at all the dirt on my face!

Then last night, before my new year's resolution to "be the best dog I can be" kicked in, I celebrated on my own while my humans were out. Baci: 1, bunch of bananas sitting on the kitchen counter: 0.

Happy 2008 everyone!

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