Sunday, April 1, 2007


This morning one of the humans made me dog treats from scratch (which, by the way, has nothing to do with actually scratching). They are chewy and taste like pumpkin. I like them. And then I spent the afternoon at Camp Canine. It was my cousin Ella's birthday, and there were going to be lots of kids at their house for a party so I couldn't go. I was sort of bummed out, but I played with other dogs and that made me feel better. Now we're all back home, and we're going to watch baseball tonight. Maybe I'll get to eat hot dogs with the humans?

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Anonymous said...

Hey B ... M here. Love love love the pumpkin drops. My mom gives them to me when we get back from walks. They are the best treats EVER! Thing mom now thinks she should make treats. Today she made cheese biscuits --- well on paper they do sound nice. But in reality they taste like flour. I'm eating them but don't know how to tell her your mom is a better baker. And look out....she made some extra for you. You don't have to eat them. I'll be at Camp Monday & Tuesday. See you later this week. Mia