Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Country dog

This weekend was a long weekend, so my humans and me went out to one of our other pack houses. It was beautiful--very sunny and not too hot. Perfect for those of us with fur coats. I was sort of tired after the drive out, so I caught some rays and some zzz's at the same time.

The next morning me and one of the humans went to the beach.

We walked along the shore and I got some quality splashing time in. That always puts me in a good mood!

That afternoon it was more swimming for me--in the pool this time, which is better because there are no waves to scare me. But the trade-off is they make me play fetch. I humor them for a while.

I also got a new bed this weekend for the other pack house. I was sleeping on the floor so this is a major improvement. It's huge!

Monday morning we explored a new small beach place down the street--the human says it's called a cove.

I was so tired from these adventures I slept the whole way home Monday afternoon. I wish weekends were every day. Or at least longer!

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