Monday, March 5, 2007

Fresh air fund dog

Me and my humans had a great weekend. We went out to Long Island to my other house with another member of the pack. I love riding in the car, as you can see here:
Then we went to this big mall thing and they shopped and shopped. It was kind of boring, but a lot of people pet me so that was nice.
The next morning the humans took me to the biggest dog run I've ever seen--it was huge!! There were a lot of other big dogs to play with, and we played some fetch. Here's some video so you can see just how much I had to run!

After that we just hung around the house, and I got to chew on a giant bone. One of the humans calls this my dinosaur bone. It IS pretty big, but I don't think it's from a dinosaur.
And that was pretty much it. I slept all the way home. Today it was back to normal: home, snacks, sleeping some more, and seeing my friend Jeff and my walking posse. He says tomorrow the movie shoot begins. I'm pretty excited. I'll have to get the humans to brush my coat and teeth tonight, just for good measure.

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