Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hollywood diet

It's been pretty busy here this week. Monday I took a t-shirt off the table and left it on the floor for the humans. Yesterday the movie shoot happened. It was fun, though it turns out I didn't have a speaking role! I'm going to have a chat with my agent. Jeff said I did a good job, and I trust his judgement. Today I took a picture frame off the table and chewed on it for a while. The human said she's impressed I have not managed to hurt myself seriously yet. I think that is a compliment? Anyway, me and her went for a big walk all over Midtown tonight. She forgot the camera, OF COURSE, so no photos. But I ate some salad last night for dinner, (which is a big deal, at least for me) and they took pictures then, so here's one of those for now!

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